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I work as a freelance translator. I translate from Spanish, English and Dutch into my native language Norwegian. I have 12 years of experience working with these languages as a university researcher and lecturer, as well as a corporate researcher.

I have a Ph.D. degree in Latin American public policy and security management from Leiden University in the Netherlands. Prior to this, I obtained a two-year Research Master in Latin American and Amerindian studies from the same university. I also have a Bachelor degree in Spanish languages and Latin American studies from the University of Bergen in Norway.

During most of my studies and working life I have resided abroad, inlcuding three years in Latin America. This has permitted me to develop my language skills into a level of full professional proficiency. This experience has also allowed me to acquire an in-depth understanding of sociocultural, historical, political aspects, as well as of the customs and habits of the countries I have lived in.